DMG Internal Medicine

Supporting the Health of Adults and Senior Adults

District Medical Group (DMG) internal medicine providers are specially trained to support primary care for adults and geriatric patients. DMG’s internal medicine team also includes specialists across more than 14 sub-specialties to provide comprehensive care to patients of all ages.

Internal Medicine Primary Care

DMG has a conveniently located internal medicine practice in East Mesa to serve adults of all activity levels, including geriatric patients. In addition, DMG internists support adult patients at Valleywise Health clinics across the Valley. Our goal is to help you achieve the quality of life you desire by partnering with you for preventive care as well as chronic or complex condition management.  Our internal medicine physicians and nurse practitioners treat and/or offer the following:

  • Acute and chronic conditions

  • Aortic artery screening

  • Asthma

  • BladderScan® with FloPoint® screening

  • Cardiac issues, with on-site electrocardiograms (EKG)

  • Cardiovascular health

  • Cholesterol

  • Chronic pain

  • Diabetes

  • Ears, nose and throat

  • Gastrointestinal and digestive disease

  • Gynecological exams and issues

  • Hypertension and/or high blood pressure

  • Infections

  • Immunizations

  • Kidney disease

  • Minor surgery

  • Nutritional counseling and weight loss

  • Pain management

  • Pregnancy testing

  • Preventive medicine

  • Sleep disorders

  • Urology disease management

Internal Medicine Specialties

DMG includes internal medicine specialists across more than 10 sub-specialties, including:

All locations accept most medical insurance plans, including AHCCCS and Medicare.  In addition, we provide discounts for self-pay patients.


Meet Our Internal Medicine Primary Care and Medical Specialist Providers

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