Diagnosing and treating hearing loss in patients of all ages

Audiologists identify, assess and manage disorders of hearing, balance and other neural systems. Caring for patients from newborns to older adults, DMG audiologists will help you:

  • Select, fit and obtain hearing aids and other listening devices

  • Prevent hearing loss by providing and fitting protective hearing devices and educating you on the effects of noise on hearing

Hearing problems can be hereditary, associated with aging, or caused by environmental factors.  We’ll help you understand your hearing loss and how to manage it, so you can live the quality of life you desire.

DMG Children’s Rehabilitative Services (DMG CRS) includes pediatric audiologists specially trained to support our youngest patients- including newborns- and their families. Hearing problems can impact your child’s development. Early diagnosis is key, and our pediatric audiology specialists will partner with you to understand your communication goals for your child and develop a treatment plan to meet those goals.


Map contains both District Medical Group and Valleywise Health locations.

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