Delta coronavirus variant

 Valleywise Health Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Michael White weighs in on the Delta coronavirus variant is now becoming more common in the U.S., with cases largely among those who are not vaccinated.

Men’s Health Month

Dr. Frank LoVecchio answers about the test men should be getting.

A New Endowed Chair in Medicine for Phoenix Campus

Dr. Wisinger was installed as the holder of Creighton’s 44th endowed chair and first on the Phoenix campus on Wednesday, June 9.

COVID-19 Vaccine Education

Dr. Frank LoVecchio answers AZ Family viewers’ top questions about the COVID-19 vaccine during their “National Day of Action” in an effort to get more people vaccinated.

Arizona on track to have second-highest number of Valley Fever cases in 15 years

Dr. Frank LoVecchio weighs in on the pace of Valley Fever cases on track to be the second-highest number in 15 years.

Fully-vaccinated Arizona lawmaker goes to emergency room due to COVID-19

Arizona Rep. Alma Hernandez from Tucson had to visit the emergency room overnight because of COVID-19 even though she’s fully vaccinated.

Can the vaccine help COVID-19 long haulers?

For people who contracted COVID-19 and experience long-lasting symptoms, can the vaccine help relieve some of those symptoms? Dr. Frank LoVecchio, an Emergency Medicine physician at Valleywise Health, talks to AZ Family.

2021 Arizona Medical Association Healthcare Award Recipients

As the 2020-2021 President of ArMA, Dr. Ross Goldberg was recognized for his exemplary leadership as he helped the organization navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Demand for vaccinations slowing in Arizona

Dr. Michael White in regards to demand for vaccinations slowing in Arizona.

COVID-19 and headaches: What you need to know

Dr. Ross Goldberg on COVID-19.

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Valleywise Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. Michael White talks about the latest updates on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine with AZ Family.

3-year-old burn victim on the road to recovery after nearly 4 months in Phoenix hospital

3-year old Westyn Tudor has developed a special bond with doctors and nurses at the Valleywise Arizona Burn Center.

Death, Through a Nurse’s Eyes

The short film above allows you to experience the brutality of the pandemic from the perspective of nurses inside a Covid-19 intensive care unit.

Why COVID-19 dosage is the same for different size people

Dr.Ross Goldberg Speaks with ABC 15.

New ‘California Variant’ of COVID-19 found in Arizona samples

Dr.Ross Goldberg Speaks with ABC 15.


Which arm is best for COVID-19 vaccine shot?

Dr.Ross Goldberg Speaks with ABC 15.


How Health Care Workers in Maricopa County Are Coping with COVID-19

Dr. Michael White speaks with Maricopa County.

Opening Valleywise Comprehensive Health Center – Peoria

Dr. Michael White speaks with Arizona’s Family (3TV/CBS 5).

Is Vitamin D deficiency linked to severe cases of COVID-19?

Dr. Ross Goldberg speaks with ABC 15.

Should you be making COVID-19 mask upgrade?

Dr. Ross Goldberg speaks with ABC 15.