Albert Roh MD
Albert Roh MD
Vice Chair of Research, Section Chief Thoracic Imaging
Department: Radiology
Specialty: Thoracic Imaging
Academic Affiliations: Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Location(s): Valleywise Health Medical Center
Language(s): Conversational in Korean
Education: Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Internship: Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
Residency: Maricopa Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ
Fellowship: Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Personal Areas of Interest: 
  • RadExam - General Question Writer and Editor 1/2019-Present - Author and review questions
  • Teach For America - Alumni Collaborator 5/2017-Present - Advise corps members
  • Resume Coach 1/2010-Present - Strengthen the resumes of corps members
  • Career Mentor 1/2009-Present - Counsel corps members with career goals in medicine
  • Davis J, Liang J, Roh A, Kittrell L, Petterson M, Winton L, Connell M, Viscuisi R, Komenaka I, Jamshidi R (2019) Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS) Classification Does Not Apply to Pediatric Patients. Manuscript submitted for publication
  • Roh AT, Fan RE, Sonn G, Vasanawala SS, Ghanouni P, Loening AM (in press) How often is the Dynamic Contrast Enhanced (DCE) score needed in PI-RADS version 2? Curr Probl Diagn Radiol. Manuscript accepted for publication
  • Pandya S, Lockwood D, Brown B, Roh A, Gridley D (in press) Case in Point: Talocalcaneal coalition. American College of Radiology URL:
  • Brown B, Pandya S, Liang J, Roh A, Gridley D (in press) Case in Point: Venous bullet embolus. American College of Radiology URL:
  • Vu KN, Haldipur AG, Roh ATH, Lindholm P, Loening AM (2019) Comparison of Endexpiration versus End-inspiration Breath-Holds with respect to Respiratory Motion Artifacts on T1-Weighted Abdominal MRI. AJR 212(5): 1024-1029.
  • Shaikh J, Stoddard PB, Levine E, Roh A, Saranathan M, Chang ST, Muelly MC, Hargreaves BA, Vasanawala SS, Loening AM (2019) View-Sharing Artifact Reduction with Retrospective Compressed Sensing Reconstruction in the Context of Contrast-Enhanced Liver MRI for Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) Screening. J Magn Reson Imaging 49: 984-993.
  • Roh AT, Xiao Z, Cheng JY, Vasanawala SS, Loening AM (2019) Conical ultrashort echo time (UTE) MRI in the evaluation of pediatric acute appendicitis. Abdom Radiol 44(1): 22-30.