Pathology Department

The Department of Pathology has a proven track record of providing efficient, highest quality laboratory operations and is an integral part of the medical services provided at Maricopa Medical Center. Surgical pathology diagnoses are made by intra-operative examination of gross tissue specimens, frozen section consultation and examination of permanent histologic tissue sections. The Department employs five full-time Board Certified Pathologists.

Subspecialty board certifications are also held in obstetrics, gynecology and cytology within the department. The primary operations for pathology services are based at Maricopa Medical Center. The Maricopa Health System Laboratories provide both on-site and reference clinical laboratory and pathology services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Autopsies, including released medical examiner cases

Blood bank

Diagnostic testing in the disciplines of microbiology

General and special chemistry



The Department also provides laboratory services for:
11 Family Health Centers and the Comprehensive Healthcare Center

Arizona Heart Hospital

Casa Grande Regional Medical Center

Department Providers

John Brown MD
Department: Pathology
Specialty: Pathology Provider
Harikrishna Dave MD
Department: Pathology
Specialty: Pathology Provider
Dan Hobohm MD
Chair of the Pathology Department
DMG Board of Directors
Department: Pathology
Specialty: Pathology Provider
Lakshmi Jayaram MD
Department: Pathology
Specialty: Pathology Provider
Geetha Nair MD
Department: Pathology
Specialty: Pathology Provider

Department Chair

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Department Administrator

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